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So, what is the point with all the Massage Tools?

You arrive for your massage appointment. You come into the massage room and next to the massage table is a table full of massage tools. Your like, hhhm, is this some mid-evil torture session?

There seems to be so many types of massage tools on the market. Cupping devices, scrapping devices, compression devices, wrapping devices, percussion devices.

Not all therapist are comfortable using tools. Some therapists over use tools. As therapist, our primary tool is our hands, fist, elbows, forearms, fingers, some use knees and feet. We use US as our primary tools. But if trained and practice appropriately, tools can be an extension of treatment we as therapist can provide.

Percussion tools are very popular. Great for prepping tissue, desensitizing tissue, or just feeling good which in turn can relax tissue. Scrapping tools can help loosen up the superficial fascia. Cupping can loosen up tight tissue, work with opening up fascial lines, bringing blood to stagnant areas.

Overall, tools, if use appropriately, can make the job of the therapist easier and can be a great extension in the treatment we can offer.

Personally, I do not use the variety of my tools on everyone. As a therapist, I evaluate the needs of the client, create a plan and develop the outcome I want with the tools I have.

Delaney Farmer, LAT, LMT, ATC Licensed Athletic Trainer LIcensed Massage Therapist Owner: PRM Sports Therapy


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