A session can be tailored to those who just want to relax or for those who have that nagging pain or injury that will just not get better.


Sessions will either be in the typical massage style setting with sheets and blanket (for those who need to relax more) or a more sports therapeutic setting where the client will be asked to wear sportswear (T-Shirt, Tanktop, shorts, spandex shorts, etc). This will allow for better movement, stretching during the session. This will be discussed prior to the session to determine what is the best setup for you as the client. 



- Manual Therapy

- Athletic Training

- Cupping

- IASTM (Instrument Assisted Soft-Tissue Mobilization

- Fascial Stretching (FST)

- Kinesiology Taping: Rocktape Provider




Treatment and sport style massage sessions are what I primarily offer my clients. Many of my sessions may have the client bring active sportswear (shorts and a t-shirt). Upon our first meeting, we discuss the pains and dysfunctions you may be having. I then develop a session that may use one or all of the techniques I listed above to help alleviate your pains or help your body start to recover faster.


Whether you are looking for a maintenance massage session (a session that helps work out your general aches and pains from your strenuous workouts or activities you are performing) or looking for a treatment style session to help with any injury you are dealing with, I will have the solution for you. 






- 40.00 for a 30 -minute session
- 65.00 for a 60-minute session

- 95.00 for a 90-minute session



- 50.00 for a 30-minute session
- 80.00 for a 60-minute session

- 110.00 for a 90-minute session



I do not accept any forms of insurance. I will be happy to provide clinical notes and documentation per your request to turn into your insurance for your personal reimbursement (inquire with your provider about a Superbill Receipt) 



For clients running late – please be advised that being late just doesn’t affect your massage, but could affect clients and their massages afterward. Therefore, all massages will end at the designated time that the massage was scheduled for and at the full price of the massage.  For clients that do not call to cancel or change their massage session prior to the closing time the day before (8pm), there will be a 20.00 charge added to the next scheduled appointment.




Visa/Master Card/Discover/AMEX
FSA and HSA payments are accepted as well


*Though tips are appreciated, tips are not accepted; Referrals are overwhelmingly appreciated and asked in place of any tips.





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Sports Masage Services