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Achedaway Heated Scraper

This page is dedicated to providing information about the Achedaway Heated Scraper. Provided here is the review video I created, quotes from other healthcare providers, and a form to fill out if interested in buying one through me. I am an independent seller. I operate by creating pre-orders and once I have enough to qualify for the bulk rate discount, then I pass on those savings to you. 

The retail rate is $300.00
My rate once I obtain the qualifying amount: $175.00 and this includes direct shipping from the company to you. 

The company's website is:

Review Video

Pre-Order Form
Please fill this form out and I'll be in contact with you. 
This form just shows you are interested in getting one. No purchasing at this stage

Click Here to fill out the form

Quotes from users

Massage Therapist
"This Achedaway Scraper has been a game changer with my clients. So far everyone has loved it and really feel a benefit from it. The only wish I had was I was able to find it sooner then I did."
Massage Therapist
"I love this tool. You do have to be careful with the angle as the edge can be a little sharp. All of my clients have really liked this tool."
N. Santos, DC
"I feel that the Heated Scraper allowed me to go even deeper, something I more likely wouldn’t be able to with other IASTM tools which do not have the heating!! Thank you Delaney for this offer!!"
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