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Covid-19 Business Information


PRM Sports Therapy is staying on top of the Covid-19 pandemic. By communications from CDC, Washington State Department of health, and directives from our state governor. PRM Sports Therapy is following the guidelines that have been providing to minimize any spread of contamination from this covid-19 virus. 

Until there is an effective vaccine, effective treatment, or herd immunity, please be aware, there is no 100% sure-fire way to prevent this virus from spreading. Even though there is a risk, PRM Sports Therapy has enacted multiple steps to limit possible infections. (Please see below).

Mandatory Face Mask

Starting June 26th, by state mandate from the Washington State Governor, it will not be mandatory for everyone to wear a facemask indoors. As a therapist, I wear a mask for the entire session and have and now must ask that all clients wear theirs when they are face-up. When faced down, you can still wear yours if you choose to, but I have a face cradle setup that allows you to be face-down without your mask. 

I am advising all clients to bring their mask with them. If you forget, one will be provided for you.

PRM Sports Therapy new procedure Changes for Covid-19
Document Link

PRM Sports Therapy Health Intake amendment - Assumption of Risk
Assumption of Risk document will be signed by both client and therapist ensuring both are on the same page Document Link

Washington State Governor Proclamation
Document Link

Visual representation of room session Covid-19 protocols

  • Upon arrival to the room, one will have hand sanitizer added to their hands. 

  • Temperature will be read by a non-contact infrared thermometer (asking all temperatures be below 100.4)

  • Pulse oximeter reading will be read. This will not affect whether or not one gets a massage, but merely self-information. 

  • A mask will be provided if one did not bring one. 

  • Assumption of Risk Form will be provided. Both client and therapist will sign it acknowledging any health concerns around covid-19.

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