Achedaway Reviews from fellow Therapist

Don Butzner, LMT
As an orthopedic and sports massage therapist focused on maximizing performance for the clients and athletes I work with, I am always on the lookout for tools and equipment that can positively facilitate the work I do. I am a big believer in quality vibration and percussion tools. My arsenal includes a VibraCussor, Hypervolt, TheraGun, Rapid Release Tool, and, most recently added, an Achedaway percussion tool. I can say without a doubt that for vibration treatments, the Rapid Release is my go-to. For percussion, it is now the Achedaway over the TheraGun and Hypervolt for sure. Having the same travel as the TheraGun but with more options for speed, a better battery life so far, and being MUCH quieter, it checks all the boxes and, I feel, provides better treatment than both the TheraGun and Hypervolt. For my clinic, this one is a keeper!

Jenny Mapes, LMTOur massage therapists love the Achedaway brand compared to others as it has a smoother vibration making it more comfortable for our patients, longer-lasting battery life, and a smaller grip circumference for holding the machine in their hands.


Desmond Diaz, LMTMassage therapist for the OL Reign and owner of massage Pro Medical. In my work, I utilize a lot of tools for efficiency especially in the sports realm, and Massage guns are high on the list. I have Theraguns, Hyperice, Achedaway, and more, and right now, I'm working a lot more with the achedaway gun. It's strong like the TG, and quiet like the HV, and a lot cheaper than either one. I have my clients get them for themselves at home as well. It's a sturdy, great tool with good battery life as well. I'd definitely recommend this gun.

Rodger Fleming, ATC, LMT
As a massage therapist and athletic trainer, I’ve been spoiled with the Hypervolt until I used the Achedaway. Very surprised at how quiet it was compared to the Hypervolt. Also impressive was the ability to self-regulate the intensity as the pressure was applied to the body part. Not going to just toss the Hypervolt but the Achedaway is definitely my preferred massage gun.




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